We are the international team from Something Good Magazines

We are here to help happy couples celebrate their big day and remember it forever.









"If I know what love is, it is because of you" - Hermann Hesse

01. Experienced

Over 20 years in writing and magazine design experience as authors, storytellers, graphic designers and editors. Each magazine and love story is unique and we bring all the feels and expertise to every project, because we know this is 'work worth doing'. And we are suckers for a good love story ... every time.


It's going to be hard to find a more passionate bunch of love story fanatics to work with. We are a values based business. Grateful for the work we get to do. Passionate for creating something new and different. Innovative in our approach. Committed to delivering beyond what we promise we will. Relentless in our own high standards.

03. Creative

We are proud to offer an unlimited design revisions guarantee to our work. We take much pride in our work and want you to be delighted with your finished product. We are open to feedback and collaboration on your design, so just mention your ideas to your personal magazine editor appointed just for you.


We care about you and aim to surprise and delight you with a very personalised experience. We listen deeply and deeply respect our individual preferences and acknowledge that we all share the goal of love, and approach it in so many different ways. We celebrate inclusion and diversity and the wonders of the human spirit to give and receive love, no matter race, gender, ethnicity, personal beliefs and any other distinction society can try and separate us. We are here for all.

"I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow" - Leo Christopher


Executive Producer

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I am a hopeless romantic and lover of a good story.
An explorer, co-creator, social entrepreneur and dreamer. Turns out, after releasing publicly her first magazine and it receiving over 1.6 million views, she knew she had found her calling.

A powerhouse in imagination, creativity and drive and loves nothing more than being in love with life and always finding the happy moments.


Chief Love Writer

I look forward to interviewing you and writing your love / life story.

Renowned playwright, author, poet and founder of the Black Joy Lab Movement with a stellar career in the arts and business.

Silver enters the room and you just know something good is about to happen.

Every day, she’ll just make you want to own who you really are and will stand right beside you as you step into your greatness.

Silver heads up our team of writers and oversees every story.


Design Queen

Inspire me with your story, photos and content and I will design your beautiful keepsake.

Design queen with an epic attention to detail. Diana is an extraordinary artist, a passionate mother and doesn't mind hanging out reading fantasy novels by Terry Pratchett.

Her work ethic and attention to detail is unmatched and her magazines are true works of art.

Get used to saying 'Wow' when her designs are presented.


Designer Extraordinare

Inspire me with your romantic life and I will design you something you will want to keep forever.

Designer extraordinaire, who’s has been instrumental in the foundational success of The Something Good Team and an absolute delight to hang out with. A strong family man, with a side hustle of whipping up masterpieces in the kitchen, Ronnie takes words on a page and turns them into beautiful imagery and helps tell the stories that are such an integral part of every magazine.